Dr. Chi is a trauma surgeon whose practice includes critical care, trauma and acute care surgery. Dr. Chi also has a background in biomedical engineering and a clinical research focused at improving the lives of individuals with traumatic injuries with an emphasis on motor control. In addition to his interest in trauma and critical care, he also actively participates in medical missions to Haiti, using his expertise to help under-served areas, as well as volunteering as a mentor in the Johns Hopkins Adopt-a-Class program for Baltimore city grade school youths.

Dr. Chi is also commissioned as a Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy Reserve in his dedication to serve our country and help care for the wounded warriors returning home and those injured in the field.


Advanced Prosthetics, Biomedical Engineering, Critical Care Medicine , General Surgery, Surgical Critical Care, Targeted Muscle Reinnervation, Trauma Surgery, Upper Extremity Myoelectric Prosthetics

Research Interests

Targeted muscle reinnervation for upper extremity amputees; Clinical evaluation of the modular prosthetic limb utilizing both motor and sensory capabilities; Participating in motor learning studies using the myotrain virtual reality environment for individuals with upper extremity amputations; Human/computer interface for patients with spinal chord injury using eye control and robotics; Robotic eye control

Hear Dr. Chi talk about his journey into medicine: